Our Team

Delf Ness

In April 2009, Delf founded the Alster Grootbos Hockey Project in cooperation with the Grootbos Foundation. Until today, he is managing director, promoting the funding of the project and supporting the team by visiting on a regular basis.

Nicola Knaust

Nicola first got in touch with the poject in 2010 when she worked as a volunteer in Gansbaai. After three fascinating months, she left South Africa and decided to stick with the pogramme. She supervises new volunteers and is in charge for the communication between South Africa and Germany. Together with Ellen, she conducts interviews with applicants for the project.


Ellen Kubicki

The latest member of our team is Ellen.

After volunteering in South Africa, she decided to further support the project.

Today, she is responsible for the communication with new volunteers and does interviews together with Nicola. Moreover, she takes care of the project's internet presence.